antitheft Grand Am


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antitheft Grand Am

My 98 Pontiac Grand Am GT has an issue with the anti theft system.
Iturn the key and the engine (v6) runs for a second and cuts out .
tried the ten minute reset no luck !!!!

anyone have suggestions or run into this problem

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Are you getting the theft system light or is the engine starting and then dying when you release the key.

It may be that the switch is worn and shutting the engine down.
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Just fixed a 99 bonneville with the same problem. It turned out to be a bad pellet in ignition key. If you have a spare key that you know worked before try using that key. There a good chance you`ll save a lot of money.
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Have u had any responses yet? I changed the cluster and now my gt does the same as your car. Email me at [email protected]
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grand ams don't have programed keys, they run on a passlock system. If your security light is flasing and the ten minute re-earn does not work the next step would be to get a dtc out of the body control module and see were the problem is coming from
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The most common cause for this problem on grand ams, is the ignition cylinder (which is the passlock sensor) or the ignition switch. This problem comes along with a b2960 dtc. Also make sure you are doing the re-learn right. Turn the key to run and try to start.then let go of the key leave in run. wait till the light stop flashing and goes out and then turn the key to off (don;t take out)wait five seconds and turn and try to start again.

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