2006 Jeep Wrangler Airconditioning shuts off


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2006 Jeep Wrangler Airconditioning shuts off

I have a 2006 Jeep Wrangler unlimited, its air works great until it gets hot under the hood, the a/c shuts down and stops cooling alltogether until the engine cools down. I have checked the freon pressures while running the AC on the driveway and all is normal. Shutdown usually occurs 30-50 minutes into a long drive or after 20 minutes driving and stopping the engine for any reason. After it has the chance to cool down the AC will re-start fine and blow ice age air again until it once again gets hot..

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Can you confirm that when you lose cooling the compressor has actually kicked out? Reason I ask is if the evaporator ices up you would also lose cooling even though the compressor could still be engaged.
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compressor does shut off

when the engine compartment is heated up from driving ( wont do it on the driveway), the compressor shuts off
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Ford had a problem similar to that, compressors shutting off when hot, turns out the clutches were going bad.
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no air or not cold?

I'm curious if the problem is that the air stops coming out the vents or that the air is no longer cold? Had a problem on my Suburban where the low pressure switch went bad and allowed the AC to ice over effectively stopping any air from coming through the vents. Allowing the truck to sit for an hour allowed the ice to melt and the airflow to restart. Running the heater would have done the same to restore the airflow but then again, to much heat was why the AC was on.

If the airflow is fine but not cold, then it sounds like the compressor or clutches.

- Peter
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Sounds like the compressor is shutting down due to low freon

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