rev limiter


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rev limiter

Looking for info on the rev limiter on GM vehicles. The vehicle is a 99 Buick Century 3.1l M motor. I dont know techincal name for it, where can i get info on it? I replaced head gaskets on the car and the converter, the guy says the car runs alot better but doesn't understand why at max rpm it does that. I explained it to him but i dont think he really understands me, I wanted to print it up so he can read it for himself.
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well, there used to be a mechanical governer before. i am quite sure now it's "electronically controlled" meaning ECM cuts off rpms at redline. that's why they sell all kindas of gizmos that permit to bypass redline cutoff. pretty much, by reprogramming ECM or blocking some data that are fed into it.
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Most gas caruburted automovtive engine don't have engine goveneror on it but the EFI gas engine do have RPM limiter in it some are enabled by either engine rpm or MPH depending on which vechiles it designed

Most GM stock V-6 / V-8 useally RPM limited about 4500 to 5500 RPM { some are at 6500 but kinda rare }

The typical GM EFI will useally turn off the fuel first second spark plugs will go next or somecase will alternating the firing sequice that will slow the engine down a bit but majotry of them will shut the EFI fuel injector off first before sparkplugs.

Now in Carubatered verison there are few ways to limit the rpm the first and common way is inturppet the ingtion system { useally will result pretty nice backfire or double bang on muffer } second common { useally found in commercal / industrail units } will have second throttle plate below the carbuator that will driven by either RPM belt or gear driven goveneror , vacumm reading , by distubitor rpm even by carb size will affect it as well.

Hope that will give you most of the question you need to know.


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