Audi Oil

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Audi Oil

I have a 2007 audi a3. The owners manual said to use
synthetic oil in the motor. I am getting ready to change the oil must I use this oil or can I use regular oil.I change my oil every 5,000 miles.Will this void my waranty?Thank you in
advance for your help.
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My 2 cents

I would go with what they say. I bet if push comes to shove and your engine has problems they would say that you used the wrong oil.
I would not take a chance. Besides why not use the synthetic it is good oil a little more in cost but if you have a new Audi that should not be a factor.
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If the manual says synthetic, then yes, you need to use synthetic. And make sure it meets the spec from Audi, not just any synthetic of the right weight. I saw a TSB from Audi on it, but now I can't find the link, sorry. The Service Dept can give you a copy. It listed brands and weights for the Audi specs.

But why would you change the oil so often? I'm sure that car is probably more like a 10k mile change cycle? It probably even has the oil analyzer built in, that tells you when to change it based on driving conditions. This isn't a big tolerance, no electronics, 1957 Detroit V-8. Yer really wasting your money. Cut a couple of thousand miles off the recommended milage if you want, but I think every 5K is a bit excessive, depending of course on the recommended interval.

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My wife's 01 A6 bi-turbo has a built in oil change notification system. It's actually a pain because you need to reset it when you change the oil.

But I would suggest you use the synthetic too. I use it in everything. It's great stuff, especially if you have turbos.

There were two vehicles that Chevy required synthetic in some time ago and i think that is what started some of the domestic manufactures to look. The ZR1 Corvette and the Cyclone turbocharged mini pick up. They had big problems damaging engines at the assembly plants during cold weather start up so the came with Mobile 1 factory fil and a sprc for synthetic.
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i, personally, am staying away from germans, and for the reason simple: they are too set in their ways. it's either german way or freeway. so, if the german manual says - synthetic, you get humbly on your toes and use synthetic.
but the other poster is absolutely right. why in the worlds only 5K miles? mercedes changes oil on their new models every 60K miles, and i think they use mobil1 synth. i have my wife's lexus closing on 15K on amsoil, and it's not even darkened. so why? because every jiffy lube and dealership keeps pounding that infamous "3000 miles oil change" into you? but that's how they make many more millions a year.
and then again, if synth oil keeps the heart of your car running longer/better, why feed it with cheaper oil? old men say: you can pay me now, or you can pay me later. one amsoil oil change will outperform 4-5 regular oil changes easy, so money wise you are good, and car runs better. it's a win-win.

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