No Idle


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No Idle

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse, V6 3.0 manual 120,000

I changed my battery today, and now am having idleing problems. The battery was easy, 2 top post, and that is the only thing you had to do/touch. After I was done, I had to input code for theft system, then started.

Car will not run at an idle now. I have to start the car and keep my foot on the gas to keep it running. If I hold in the clutch for to long, or shift into neutral, car will die if I do not keep my foot on the gas.

Car runs great as long as I am in constant motion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am at a loss! No Check engine light is not on.

I also tried to drive the car on the freeway for 60 miles to see if it was something with the computer, and hopefully it would reset, but that did not work.
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Did this just start? It could be that you knocked off a vacuum hose when you were under the hood: do you hear a 'hissing noise' after the car stalls out? If so, there is a vacuum leak.
Could also be that when youreplaced battery, the codes in the 'puter have to be reset...may take some driving around to reset the parameters.
Next, I would suspect the IAC valve (if your car has one). This will DEFINITELY prevent it from idling. However, before I went this route, I would consider a vacuum leak FIRST
BTW..IAC =idle air controller
Hope this helps

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