Suspect Clogged A/C Drain


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Suspect Clogged A/C Drain

Borrowed wife's 2005 Jeep Liberty...

Driving home tonight, its A/C seemed a bit on the humid side.

Taking a sharp right turn on the highway, about a cup of water shot out from under the center of the dashboard and onto my foot.

So, I suspect the A/C drain is clogged. Live in a city, don't have ramps... Is it easy enough to crawl underneath and find the clog? Anybody have pictures of what I'm looking for???

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open the hood. find a/c lines where they enter the firewall. a/c core is right behind the firewall in that area. bet you money it's on the passenger side of the firewall, because they never have enough room for it on the driver one because of the pedals. see what i'm saying?
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Still can't find it.

Now I'm getting water on the passenger side - almost immediately after starting the car. No one was able to look at the car, so as I'm driving around town (with A/C off, natch), I kept getting hot air from the defroster fogging up my windshield... Is that to be expected (i.e., humidity is built up in the system), or is this a symptom of another, bigger, problem????
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look under car

You will have to get under there and use a flashligt to look for a tube that comes out of the firewall on passanger side, Let me ask you this if you turn on the A/C do you see water dripps from under the car?
If not it is plugged. I would use a long plastic zip tie and poke it up the tube or you can use compressed air to blow it out. Try not to use a metel coat hanger. It is a normal thing for water to drip from the evaporater but it must drain.
A tip what I do here in hot humid TX is a few blocks before I get home for the night I turn air off and put it on vent outside air and put blower on full. This will dry off evaporater so it does not sit there all wet overnight and get stinkey.

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