Change Flywheel


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Change Flywheel

How to change a flywheel in 1993 Infinity J30 car. I changed the starter because it made the classic sound when the teeth are mostly gone. Does anybody think it should be taken to the dealer
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How many miles on the car?

What do you think the car is worth?

How much grinding did the car do before you ever changed the starter?

Have you tried shimming the old or this new starter?

There are tricks to actually see how the teeth engage all the way around. It has been years since I did anything like that (probably about 33 years ago)and hopefully some others will weigh in on this.

In the meantime, these come to mind: I'd figure you could disconnect the firing of the vehicle so when you have someone else crank it, it will just crank and you can observe. You may also be able to disconnect the jumper that goes between the solenoid and starter (if you have one like this, that has that outside jumper on it) so that the solenoid throws the starter teeth into the flyweel (without spinning) so you can have someone slowly rotate the engine by hand, to observe if the starter teeth get particular sloppy on one side of the flywheel where the car usually shuts off at, and also not be too tight elsewhere.
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is there a dust cover on the bottom of the bell housing that you can remove to inspect the flywheel? if so pull that and rotate the flywheel by hand to inspect the teeth. if any are worn past 1/8 th in. it should be replaced. as far as changing the fly wheel since it is a rear wheel drive it is fairly simple r & r of the transmission. if you have access to some good jack stands and a transmisson jack you can do it if you are a good shade tree mechanic. you would need to drain the cooler lines and pull the drive shaft and rear trans mount then unhook any wires and shift cable to remove the trans. then after removing the torque convertor bolts push the converter back to the rear of the bell housing and lower the rear of the trans down about 2 in to allow access to the bell housing bolts and remove them. then wiggle the trans out and remove flywheel
assembly is the reverse.

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