93 Plymouth voyager 3.0

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Angry 93 Plymouth voyager 3.0

Ok here goes My check engine light came on last week took it to a shop and they told me it was my #6 fuel injector so I said ok i'll be back to get it done well i wanted to get another opinion so i took it to another shop today and they told me that it was my # 6 cylinder that was bad it only has 40% instead of 120% so I told them i didn't want to put anymore money into this van.
but what I wanted to know is can a bad cylinder cause my van to shake after 40 mph when i only apply the gas pedal to go faster it doesn't shake when i'm off the gas because this happened right after my check engine light came on or does a fuel injector cause a van to shake?it does have a slight back fire and a slight hesitation when i start to go from a red light or a stop sign.I'm just asking if anyone could answer the questions and if I should get a third opinion or if they know it's a cylinder or fuel injector?thanks for any info

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First off....a check engine light will not set for a fuel injector or a valve on a pre OBD2 vehicle...so get a third opinion.

For right now....read the "Flash codes " from your dash light. Without starting the truck, cycle the ignition key on and off twice and then to on. (ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON) and watch the check engine light ..it will flash a series of 2 digit codes at you.( A series of flashes, followed by a pause, and then another set of flashes....One flash, a pause and then 2 flashes would be considered a 12)..Record them and post back.
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If it isn't running on all 6, especially under 'load' conditions (that is when a bad running engine becomes really noticeable), it will naturally be out of balance. It can lope at idle and run quite rough. Your word "shake" is a subjective term. I'd have to have better description or be there to determine if one down cylinder (or where perhaps it is sporadic) could cause this, or say a bad motor mount on top of it. One could see what the engine does if you tried to rapidly apply some gas pedal, with the foot on the brake good!, while someone else observes the engine, for example.

[You don't want to be doing this with nosey kids standing right there, nor right in front of the garage! And perhaps I would not recommend this at all unless you or someone you can trust with your car keys has done this before].

It is the fact you say the engine shakes, as opposed to runs "rough". You might try to better explain. Like, does it try to rattle your teeth?, or ?
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OK, what I want to know is what is the code that set the check engine light?
Most likely Diagnosis led to finding the injector as bad. If the vehicle bucks and jerks under load then it is very possible that the diagnosis is correct.
Hope this helps ya,

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