malibu wont stay running

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malibu wont stay running

I have a 98 malibu with a 3.1 v-6, it will start and run for about 2 seconds, then die. the check engine light was on so I scanned it it gave me a code of p0442( small emissions leak detected) and another that said "pending" but nothing else, I looked ina troubleshooting guide and it said " faulty emission or engine control system" but it doesn't explain how to check if the sensors are working

any help would be appreciated
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I have a similar '98 Malibu

I haven't had the same situation you describe and your sounds like it could arise from any of several different reasons. But a few years ago after the car had been running a little roughly, I did have to replace the fuel pump. At that point, it didn't start at all. A year before that, the key cylinder - it would start, but if I didn't feed it a little gas quickly, it would stop and then because the anti-theft lock would kick in, I'd have to wait 10 minutes for the anti-theft would clear and allow the car to start again. I guess the place to start is to check if your getting fuel consistently to the engine and then spark. Do you hear the fuel pump kick on when you turn the key to ON before START?
Might check the fuel filter, if you're over a 100K miles it might need replaced -- when you check fuel delivery you'll know.

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