Anyone on here good with battery problems?

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Anyone on here good with battery problems?

The vehicle is a 250cc motorscooter. The battery is a 12BS 12V10AH battery, which is 1.5 years old. The guy who owned it before me said he barely used it (which I think can kill these types of batteries).

If I attach the battery to the charger and leave it overnight, the bike starts up easily and quickly.
If I drive the bike to run errands or go out to eat, when I go back to it, it starts up easily and quickly.
If I drive the bike around, and then try to start it 1 day later, it starts up easily and quickly.

If I leave it sitting for more than 2 days, when I try to start it, it will not start easily.

If I try and start it, the "battery indicator" says it has 2/6 charge and this drops to 0 on the first push of the starter button. The digital display goes blank, and the clock resets to 12:00. If I give it a little gas, and repeatedly try to start it, eventually I can always get it started. Sometimes it takes a good 2-5 minutes of this and requires a lot of throttle twisting before it will start.

Naturally, I thought the battery was dead. I put it on its charger, and left it overnight. I took it to 2 battery places.

1. Nappa Auto Parts - They tested it and said it read 13V and 200 CC AMPs. They said it was a good battery

2. Battery Specialist (local) - They tested it with 3 testers.
The first said it was 12.8V and 180 CC Amps. Good battery.
The second said it was 12.8V and 200 CC Amps. Good battery.
The third test put something that he called a "mechanical load" on the battery, which he explained was basically a short. As soon as he put the load on the battery, it dropped from "good battery" to "bad battery"

He then put it back on the first tester and it said 12.8V and 160 CC AMPs. Marginal battery.

He said he thinks its a bad battery.

I would believe this guy, but he also tested a "new" battery he had sitting on the shelf. He said it was a crappy Chinese brand, and he had been having a lot of trouble with it. It also failed the "mechanical load" test. As I have no idea what this test is doing, and because the more sophisticated testing equipment said "good battery," I don't really know what to think.

I originally thought the batter was only holding a surface charge, but if a battery is dead and only holds a surface charge, will it still say 12.8V and 200 AMPs after its initial charge?
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Get your self a new battery. I worked in a motorcycle shop and we sold Interstate batteries, these are made by Yuasa for Interstate, and still only had a 6 month warranty on them. These batteries just wont last if you do not ride all the time. When you get the new battery get yourself a float charger. Wal-Mart sells one made by Bell (the helmet people) called The Juicer. You install a polarized plug on your bike, plug it into the charger and plug charger into the wall. Leave it pluged in any time you are not riding it will turn on when battery needs charging and turn off when it is fully charged. Put one of these on with my last battery, about 4 years ago. My dad has one on his lawnmower and has had the same batt for about 8 years.
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I bought the tender, but I also got a new battery from them. Its an Ever Start. Are they ok or are they garbage?

Should I get a better one?
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New battery should be fine. If it dies prematurely, then try another brand.
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connect a light bulb or ammeter between the negative cable and the battery post to see if you have a constant draw on the battery. it should not go dead in two or three days.

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