car stalls at times


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car stalls at times

I have a 1993 taurus.At times when you go to take off it will start to jerk and/or acts like its not getting gas.At times you
have to push all the way down on the pedal to get it to go.And when that doesn't work ,you have to shut the car off and restart it.At times when you are driving down the road,it will start jerking and making a knocking noise.I recently had the fuel injecters and throttle body cleaned,air and fuel filters replaced.Would spark plugs cause the problem I am having?
If not,any ideas what could be the problem?Also does the check engine light have to be on to get an accurate reading what could be wrong?Mark(blitz1957)
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Throttle position sensor comes to mind. Low fuel pump pressure maybe; you'll need a gauge to check that. Have you actually had it scanned for codes? Auto Zone will do it for free. There are problems that can occur that will not light the check engine light. Spark plugs would not be likely.

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