shimmy at 65 to 75 mph

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shimmy at 65 to 75 mph

I have fairly new Michelins and have had a shimmy since they were mounted (an alignment was done at the same time). I have taken the car back once and they said they rebalanced and checked the alignment again. this has not made any difference. The sale was made at a national tire service center. I am wondering if I should go to my toyota dealership to have them do a check. The process is free for life at the tire place but I will have to pay at the dealer. With all that being said, would the better balancing equipment be at the tire place or the dealer ? Is one machine more accurate than another ? If so, I could ask each place what device they use and run with that.
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1. don't bother, they all use pretty much same machine. setting it up RIGHT is a different story.
2. have you noticed that they admitted "rebalancing" the tires?
here's my wild hunch, just cuz i've been through very similar situation. their weights don't stick. esp, if you have alloy rims, those are notorious for losing weights.
go back to the original shop, politly explain that the problem is still there, ask them to rebalance the tires, and, this time, use STICKY weights and have them covered with sticky foil. if they don't know what you talking about, ask for refund and find place that knows.
3. there's a chance it's not tire related. might be unbalanced driveshaft. some places do "on vehicle" balancing. if #2 does not fix the problem, then you are destined to investigate further into unbalanced driveshaft or that balancing.

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