heater core


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heater core

how do u change heater core on a 84 blazer full size thanks
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1. Disconnect neg. battery cable at the battery
2 Place a suitable container under the heater core, disconnect the coolant hoses from the core and plug them or fasten the ends up as high as possible so the coolant does not run out. Allow the coolant in the heater core to drain into the container.
3. Remove the nuts from the distributor duct studs which project into the engine compartment.
4. Remove the glovebox and glovebox door assy.
5. Disconnect the air, defrost and temperature door cables.
6. Remove the floor outlet and then remove the defroster duct to distributor duct screw.
7. Extract the screws retaining the heater distributor to the firewall.
8. Pull the heater assy. to the rear for access and disconnect the wiring harness.
9. Remove the heater air distributor.
10. Remove the core restraining straps and remove the core.

I have several illustrations that would help identify the componnents however am not able to post attachments.

hope this helps, good luck and have a great day

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