Phantom operation of windshield wipers


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Phantom operation of windshield wipers

I have a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis. Wipers come on while I am driving. Only way to shut them off is to pull the fuse. Delay positions on turn signal lever are not working and wiper fluid is not working. Is a relay bad or what is the problem. How hard is it to fix?
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Look carefully at the wiper motor itself. One of the mounting screws will have a "Grounding Tab" that MUST be clean and tight.

There technically is no RELAY, but rather a wiper control module , to control the wipers.... Under the dash , on a bracket to the right of the steering column.
It may be worth your while to have it checked proffessionally, since these "Modules" are "Dealer only parts" and since they are electronic , the return policy is usually very strict....They wont take it back.......And they can be very pricey..
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judging from other ford models, it's the integrated switch. they do same on several other makes within ford family, like on rangers and taurusi. i'd replace the switch.

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