ABS and brake lite


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ABS and brake lite

I have a 99 Pontiac Grand Am and on occasion the ABS and the brake lite will com on for a short time then go off again for a while. I checked the front brakes, calipers ,etc and all is well. I also checked the rear shoes, wheel cylinders, and drums and find nothing. Could it be the master cylinder on its way out???
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Perhaps it's a wheel speed sensor. You should be able to read the error codes stored in the computer to help narrow down the problem.
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OBDII systems do not store ABS codes, so the only way to determine the fault, would be to hook it up to a diagnostic machine. It is most likely a faulty sensor, and should be looked at soon rather then later.
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Yellow only = ABS SYSTEM FAILURE....Braking system will still work normally with ABS function disabled

RED ONLY= Braking system HYDRAULIC failure...brakes may only function at limited capacity...

YELLOW AND RED...Braking system failure which involves a Hydraulic component of the ABS system....Neither system will function properly...

Check the fluid level in the Master cylinder...if its low, the "Float" will Bounce, and intermittently turn on both lamps....

If you have no Braking concerns....and the fluid is full, a sharp tap with a screwdriver handle MAY free up a stuck float, but the M/C reservoir should be replaced.

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