2001 Kia Sportage Blower Fan...


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2001 Kia Sportage Blower Fan...

Ok, last year my fan switch for the heating and cooling system in my 2001 Kia Sportage started to work ONLY in the High Speed mode...

I thought that it was weird, and concluded that it must either be the switch or some electrical relay somewhere in this system, but never did anything about it - just ran it like that when I needed the heat/defrost/AC...

Then one day this week I started to smell something that was like an electrical short when I had the fan on... Turned the fan OFF, pulled over, no fire, got back in...

Turned fan back on and now I get NO blower control at all.

Any suggestions? I can make some assumptions based on the history of this switch control, but I do not want to replace the switch just to find out that there is normally something else like a relay or some other electrical component that is more commonly wrong with a similiar scenerio.

Thank for any help!
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The first problem was the fan speed resistor. When it goes bad, it defaults to high speed. Now to problem two. It sounds like the fan motor may have burned out which would account for the electrical smell and then no more fan.

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