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Unhappy 01 Ford Expedition

Went out this morning to start 01 Expedition and it was dead. Nothing! Figuring it was a dead battery I jumped it with my other truck and it started up after 5 minutes of letting the battery charge. Thinking it was a bad battery I pulled the old battery, headed off to NAPA and bought a new one. Got back installed the new battery and that's when everything began to go haywire!

The heat/ac fan would just come on. Dash warning lights would come on. The headlights came on then shut off. The odometer would light up go to all dashes then come back on with the mileage. All this without the key even in the ignition. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to start and all seemed to be normal, except now the truck will not start. Cranks strong because of the new battery, but will not start. Started with the old battery and a jump but now nothing and the dash goes crazy when I pull the key out of the ignition.

Any suggestions or help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Truck has run fine up until today. No problems. 110K on the odometer.
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Hmmm....not even sure where I would begin with this one..

The only thing I can think of that would make the dash lights and those other items go on and off is maybe a failed ignition switch.........

Hang in there, maybe we can get more responses.
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Well, with some tinkering and LOTS of plain old dumb luck the truck started. How did I get it started!? Heck if I know! On my last try before pronouncing it dead, and calling the tow truck, it decided to start and has started every time I turn the key. I do notice the battery gauge shows a drain on the battery so I'll have to try and track down where that's coming from and, as you suggested HotinOKC, I'll start at the iginition first.
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My experience on this is not going to make you happy, I have found quite often that the windshield seal leaks and the water drips directly on the fuse box and gem module the only fix is to replace both and get the windshield re-sealed. I also think that the gem module is a programmable module that needs to have info transfered from the old module to the new module.
good luck
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On more than several occassions, Ive seen an alternator diode go bad, and leak AC current into the system. Since your battery cant store AC current, and none of the accesories know how to use it, it can confuse quite a few components. Long term....it can damage just about anything electrical, so "SOONER RATHER THAN LATER"...get it straightened out.

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