Body work - waxing car


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Body work - waxing car

Hopefully I am in the right forum. I usually wax my car by hand but have found the "wax on" "wax off" method very tiring and time consuming. I am looking for a power tool to do the job and it looks like a grinder has interchangeable wax pads to place wax on and then buff. THis tool looks a little ackward to use for this though.

I have a 5" disc sander(I also have a random orbit sander that Im considering) that I used to paint the exterior my house but dont know if it has the interchangeable wax pads? Does anyone know? Or is there a specific power tool for this? I cant seem to find one. All comments are appreciated.
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Just do a search for "auto buffer".

Check at some of the better polish product sites like Meguires, Mothers, Eagle1, etc, etc, for recommendations as well.

Have you tried some of the synthetic waxes? they go on and wipe off much easier than traditional Carnuba type waxes.

Some of the more Pro version buffers need a very light skilled touch. They can badly damage the paint if not used correctly.
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Sears has a good line of tools under " buffers & polishers"
I have two of them--I went back to hand polishing--too
much trouble changing pads ($$$ ) & cleaning them.
Any of the new products on the market are easy to use by hand. If your arm still works--why spend all that money for tools..
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...... and you don't want to use a sander/grinder with a buffing attachment - it turns too fast!!! and can ruin your paint job.
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J Howard

If you dont mind me asking what type/kind of buffer/polisher do you have?
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We had 6 cars in the family at one time-I spent almost every
weekend doing body work--I purchased 2 Sears 7" sander/polishers-I used them for cutting down welds & bondo
They have a 2 speed motor--they look like a sears model # 11506 ( mine are from the 70's ) You could polish & wax your car on low speed (Blue Coral,etc.)--they were not safe to use at high speed for polishing.
The new polishes & waxes are great--they don't need a machine.....................
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IMO, if you are really looking for a machine that will polish, wax, and is fool proof that will at no risk damage your paint, then I'd reccommend the Dual Action Polisher 7424 from Porter Cable. This is the most popular gizmo for both beginners and professionals recommended in alot of the auto enthusiast sites out there. It's not as harsh as the rotary polisher/ sander models (previously mentioned) and is not weak (or close to almost useless) like those Sears orbital buffers for $19.95. This buffer usually comes in a kit that includes wax, polish, pads, etc. so you don'nt have to worry about buying accessories separately. Meguire's even adopted this model and put their name name on it. If you are a serious enthusiast, I'm sure this will be a great investment. I have one and I love it. Be prepared to spend around $120 for a complete kit. Do a search.

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