Jeep 4.0 won't start


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Jeep 4.0 won't start

Grand Cherokee with a 4.0. Battery gas plenty of juice but nothing when I turn the key, not even a click. Had keys locked in car and was able to operate power door lock via a slightly open window, This activated security system which is horn + lights. I reset by turning lock with key. Is there something security related that could be causing the no start?
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Could be; do you hear the fuel pump whirring sound when you turn key to start position? If not, check fuses first for easy fix. I don't know if it would work, but perhaps disconnecting battery ground-side cable for 10 minutes might reset any antitheft signal from computer? Won't cost anything. Good luck!
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Tried disconnecting battery cable and opening - reopening all door locks. No luck, any other ideas?

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What year is it? You can also try to shift to neutral and see if it cranks BUT MAKE SURE TO HAVE THE PARKING BRAKE APPLIED BEFORE YOU TAKE IT OUT OF PARK. if it doesn't start then check to see it the Theft/security light is on or flashing rapidly,also if your keys have a chip in them,and you have another set of keys try to start the vehicle with them.
good luck
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It may have a factory starter kill like my 95 Jetta. To cure that I had to lock and unlock the doors with the key. This may help for your Jeep, can't hurt at least good luck
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Try resetting the alarm in either the PASSENGER DOOR ..or TAILGATE locks
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Try disconnecting the battery for about five minutes to erase the memory
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haven't answered if you hear the fuel pump going on ignition on position?
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2 things, 1 try locking and unlocking your tailgate several times WITH YOUR KEY! this action resets fuel pumps, alarms, lockouts, etcs. 2 it might just be a coincidence, but chances are your cam/crank sensor crapped out at the same time.

Good luck, hope it's #1
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cam/ crank

Cam/cranksensors very common
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try this

disconnect the black lead from the battery for a min then reconnect.
turn your key in the driver door twice but
hold the key turned for 2-3 seconds on the second turn

then start
you may have to reset you clock

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