1998 Dodge Neon Gas Fill up Leak


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1998 Dodge Neon Gas Fill up Leak

Hi, I have a 1998 Dodge Neon with about 80,000 miles on it. When I get gas, it leaks as I'm putting it in. I looked and can see that it's the hose from the gas cap to the tank. Looks like someone before me had the same problem and patched it. I want to replace it because it looks like it's just 3 screws by the gas cap, a wire harness, and a hose clamp to the fuel tank. My question is, What is the name of that part? I tried typing several different things on auto part sites with no luck. If I had the correct name, maybe I can get one. Thanks for your help.
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I am pretty sure the part you are looking for is called a fuel filler neck hose or fuel tank filler neck. Hope this helps. Good luck with your repairs.

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It may be a Dealer only part as well.

I did find this....http://www.1aauto.com/1A/FuelTankFil...-/-/1AFMX00014

But they don't say if there is rubber included. It looks like all metal.

Theres a couple of Chrysler mechanics that will prob check in later.
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when you change out the filler neck hose make sure you don't dislodge the vent hose,

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stop at your local chrysler dealer....

The parts guy will be able to show you a picture.....Pick out the parts you need and have them ordered.

Not impossible...but I doubt you will find these aftermarket...Do not attempt to use a radiator hose!!!!!!!

The wiring harness is probably for something else, and only Clipped onto the neck.

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