2008 Rav4


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2008 Rav4

The Low Tire Pressure Warning Light Came On. I Checked The Pressure Which Is Now Fine, But The Light Is Still On. So I Checked The Manual, And Of Course It Says Contact Your Local Toyota Dealer. Can I Reset This Myself Or Should I Contact My Dealer/
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You don't have to reset the light. It's probably your spare tire that's low. Just put in the air, turn off the key and then back on. The light should be off.
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not spare tire

It is not your spare tire Toyota uses a sensor that measures wheel speed.
On my 2005 Highlander you turn on the key no start push the button under the dash (under steering wheel) light will go off. Then you push it again till light blinks 3 times thats it.
Your rave might be the same procedure either way it is in the owners manuel. If you dont find it call the service Manager at dealer he will tell you,
I might be wrong you might have the system were each tire has a transmitter. eiter way check the owners manual.

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Hey MV
How would wheel speed be calculated to determine air pressure? I thought most of the sensors were accurate to w/in 3 lbs of spec? Would that make that much diff in wheel speed? Or does this system just detect when it is dangerously low..like 10 lbs or so, and the tire diameter decreases enough to be detected?
Not disagreeing, just wondering...gotta increase that knowledge base ya know....

It sounds like thats a better system than the in tire sensors. Buddy had a problem when he got new wheels on a truck. Tire dealer couldn't ever get the on wheel sensors to work correctly.
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from what I understand

From what I have been reading as the tire goes low by a couple of pounds the Dia changes a little. It cant be much but enough to set the light.
Google the tire pressure monitring systems and check out the diffrent systems good reading IMO but I like that kind of stuff.
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No the 06 Rav4 uses a transmitter in the tire stem. It could very well be the spare.
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indirect method

Indirect Systems
use the vehicle's antilock braking system's wheel speed sensors to compare the rotational speed of one tire vs. the others. If one tire is low on pressure, it will roll at a different number of revolutions per mile than the other three tires, and alert the vehicle's onboard computer.

Direct Systems
attach a pressure sensor/transmitter to the vehicle's wheel inside the tire's air chamber. An in-car receiver warns the driver instantly if the pressure in any one tire falls below a pre-determined level.
I do not know what system the Rav has but my 05 Highlander uses the Indirect system.
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I checked motor alldata and it has no reset procedures.you have a direct system.there is a technical service bulliten on how to set the light,so that means a trip to the dealer, if all your pressures including the spare are correct then there might be a problem with the system itself.
good luck

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