1995 buick interior lights


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Cool 1995 buick interior lights

i have a problem with the interior lights staying on all the time when the ignition is on or the car is running, electrical is issues are not my strong suit. I have daytime running lights, and i have checked the dash switch to make sure that it is of,I think there may be something else wrong. could it be the dimmer sw. on the control panel? All the way up on the dimmer is the light on for the interior, would this be the most likely cause?

thanks Eric
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Check the light switch on the door jamb if it fails the interior lights will stay on,thinking the door is open.
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I have a 94 Lesabre
So all the interior lights are on when you put the key to the run position and when you start the car?
I would start off by disconnecting the battery for about 1/2 hour then trying it again.
Let me know how many lights are on and the specific car we are talking about.
Are the doors locked or unlocked when this happens or does it matter?

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It is a 1995 regal, the lights under the dash stay on the dome and the reading lights in the mirrror are disconnected. with the ignition on going down the road they are on, and after I shut the car down they will stay on also for about ten minutes then the safety relay shuts them off so they don't wear the battery down, I have checked the door switches and they seem to be operating right, that is to say that after the ten minutes when i lift the door handle they come on and start to dim after 18 seconds like they are supposed to. They only stay on when the car is running (has daytime running lights) and after the car is shut off. doors locked or unlocked.

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