1999 Honda Accord Brake Problems NEED HELP PLEASE


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1999 Honda Accord Brake Problems NEED HELP PLEASE

Let me try to make a long story short. The other night I was going to change out the rotors and pads on the front disc brakes of my 99 accord lx 4cyl. I noticed that the lugs were kind of warm and the caliper was pretty warm as well, it had been sitting for about 1 hour or maybe a little less. I didn't think much about it. Well I got the new rotors installed along with the pads took it for a test drive and everything seemed fine. Well tonight I was out driving it I noticed a smell I didn't know what it was. When I got back to the house it was the front brakes. The lug nuts were so hot you couldn't touch them for a second with out getting burned. The rim felt fine as well as the tire. I called a friend and he told me jacking the car up and spin the tire and have someone stop and try to spin the tire right after they release the brake to make sure the caliper wasn't catching or holding. I did that and it spun like a champ. So I don't think it's the calipers catching. He mentioned something about a check valve when you push in the piston on the rotor. He said if you do it to quickly that it does something with that check valve. Do Hondas have that check valve? His next advice was to bleed the brakes and see if that check valve would reset itself. Have you guys heard of that? What else do you think could be causing the problem? Thanks for any help
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no check valve in the caliper, there is a port in the master cyl that is closed when you apply the brakes but opens as soon as you release the pedal. usually if the caliper is sticking it is due to a warped piston. brakes make heat that is energy from rotational forces being transformed. you can not stop with out heating the brakes, are you sure you didn't have your foot resting on the brake pedal when driving? also make sure that your brake pedal returns fully after applying the brake. did you lightly lube the caliper bolts with antifreeze and the mounts for the caliper so that it can self center?

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are both front lug nuts equally hot? What you may be smelling is the silicate that is put on the new rotor to prevent rust while on the shelf. Have you bothered to check the rear brakes? they may need to be adjusted or the wheel cylinders may be siezed and not working at all so that all of your braking is on the front.
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Thanks for the info guys. Let me answer some of your questions really quick. First I didn't lube the caliper bolts. I just cleaned them with brake parts cleaner along with the calipers. My foot was not riding on the brakes. All 8 lug nuts on both front tires were equally hot. I thought the smell was the same thing. I noticed that they put a coating or something like that on the new rotors. I have not checked the rear brakes. I will do that. However I did notice that they were rather warm as I was taking the old pads and rotors off. It's wierd though this morning I drove it to work and they didn't smell and the lugs were cool but the temperature is in the 50's here this morning. Is there anything else that you guys can think of? Thanks

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