Caliper Bolts?


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Question Caliper Bolts?

1996 Z28, 75k miles, V8, broke off front caliper bolt, cant tap steering knuckle after drilling old bolt, so,, we are installing used steering knuckle, Question: Purchased and returned, new pair of caliper bolts, dont believe they are correct thread? New bolts only go in three revolutions and stop,, we tapped old knuckle, the bolt hole that didnt break, and the bolt size is 10mmX1.25 thread, not what parts house sells? I am going to check w/ dealer for new caliper bolts, I cant believe threads are only suppose to go in three deep? I wonder if dealer will try to sell the same size bolt as parts house?
Any thoughts or experience with this? Parts house only had one listing for bolts on any V8, Z28? (Note: since we are in deep with this project, we decided to change outer tie rods, all 4 ball joints and fronts shock/struts at same time.) Whew! Car will be on jacks for a while,,
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Your car is a 96...the used spindle may not be......Check 2 years forward and 2 years back, and I'll bet the correct bolt will be hiding in that range.

Just because the spindle fits a 96, doesnt mean that is what it came from.
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Both spindles, original and used, have same hole thread, 10mm X 1.25, parts house sells bolts w/different thread in 10mm, bolt only threads in 3 revolutions,, old bolts, which may be original also only thread in 3 revolutions,,,, can this be correct? caliper bolts are suppose to fit like that? different thread on bolt and spindle? it just doesnt seem right for the job they do? Maybe the bolts are just for casual alignment, and 99.9% of rotor stopping force is by the knuckle itself, and u only need slight attachment of bolts as a horizontal guide, still not sure if engineers meant for caliper bolts to fit like that.
this is getting long,, gotta quit,,,,,,,grin

thanks for the input,
( i'm really curious to see what the dealer has to say about the bolts)Beer 4U2

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