Engine Swap 3.8l

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Engine Swap 3.8l

Can I Take A 3.8l Fwd Car Engine And Put It Into A 3.8l Rwd Camaro? If So, What Do I Have To Change?
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Probably not. More than likely the engine in the front driver is a 3.8 liter(231 cu in) v-6 built by buick, and the one in the camaro is a 3.8 liter(229 cu in) v-6 built by chevrolet. The bell housing bolt pattern is completely different on these 2 engines. Check to see if this is the case, the distributor on the buick engine in at the front near the accessory drive belts, and the chevrolet distributor is at the rear by the bell housing. Post back if this is not the case.
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The bell housing bolt pattern is completely different on these 2 engines.
Absolutely correct twister...

Although a few companies do make bellhouse adapters, The engine mounts will NEVER line up.

Im guessing this is early to mid 80's, and likely a V8 swap would actually be more cost effective. If this is the mid 90's injected version...Dream -on...Not gonna happen...and a replacement is insanely expensive, unless the car is a factory "PRISTINE" show car.
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If it's a 95 or newer Camaro, then yes, it will work. The engines are the same. You will have to transfer motor mounts, AC compressor, probably all the accessories that the belt rides on, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, possibly the flywheel. You'll basically need to set the engines side by side and look them both over comparing parts. Then take note of what parts you need to transfer.

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