'94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Hose


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'94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Hose

I have a '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee with rear drum brakes. The rear rubber brake hose that goes over the axle was broken and rather than trying a cheesy repair job, I decided to replace it. A new brake hose assembly is pretty cheap and this assembly consists of a small metal box with female threads that is attached to a metal line connected to a rubber hose and then a female threaded connector. The problem I have is removing the small 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" metal box that the left and right wheel brake lines come into. It seems this box is welded to the axle, but I can't tell. Is there an easy way to remove this and to then attach the new one? Thanks.
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Curious as to why you don't use the box that is there and just put in the new hoses?
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I can remove the brake lines that come from the left and right rear brakes to this central small metal box on the axle. But the problem is a metal tube / rubber brake hose that feeds brake fluid to this box is permanently attached, so I can't use the one that is there. The replacement part only comes as a full assembly with the box. I imagine I could splice to the rubber hose with a compression fitting?
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do not splice it, the box should have a bolt running through the center of it. it may be covered in dirt. compression fittings will not hold under the pressure of brakes (2000PSI)!!!

are you going to cowboy up or just lay there and bleed?
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Speedwrench is right - I vaguely remember dealing with this when I swapped in a Ford 8.8 to replace the weak Dana 35c. I had to fabricate a similar through-bolt mount on the new Ford 8.8.

Rubber brake lines should never be spliced. The steel hard lines can be spliced with the correct parts.

- Joe

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