Tail lights work- brake lights don't


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Tail lights work- brake lights don't

I have a 98 chevy lumina and taillights work but the brakes don't. I have replaced the bulbs (the right ones) and brake light switch, checked the fuses and looked at the sockets all are fine. The third eye works but still the brake lights don't. Can anyone help?? I'm a college student working at a non-profit, so I would like to fix it myself or at least know who to go to for it. Thank you
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More than likely the turn signal switch, the brake lights go thru the turn signal switch. Do the turn signals work?
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yes the brake lights do work with turn signal switch in steering column. some times if you are lucky you can blow air and elec. contact cleaner in the hole for turn signal arm and they start working. put rags around the column its messy. use about 25 psi air.
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I agree with the turn signal switch.

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