1988 buick century timing order


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1988 buick century timing order

i dont understand the diagrams. theres 2 differnt ones. which one is mine and is the drawings looking from the front or side. thanks
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what size engine do you have? most of the time the engine drawings will be from the front looking back toward the rear of vehicle. do you mean fireing order? or timeing marks?

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He posted a question which I answered with a post and link. He PM'd me with this question and I replied via PM.
Autozone just had kinda confusing line drawings for the firing order.

Hopefully I explained it ok...but just in case.....

dchap. Only you know which type of coil pacs you have. Thats what determines where your wires go. If the coils are at the front and can be replaced seperately...use the 2nd diagram. If the coils are at the rear of the engine and are one unit, use the 1st diagram.

The firing order is the same for the both engine set-ups, but the wires are routed differently since the coils are arranged differently.

Don't think I can be any clearer.

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