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Exclamation crankshaft position sensor

I have a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager. It was driving fine until it started loosing power, and making a taping noise. I pulled over but before I could sucessfully get over it went dead. It has not cranked since. It will turn over and make a clicking noise from around the crank case. the longer you try to crank it the weaker it gets. I was adivised it was the crankshaft position sensor that has lost it magnetism. But the motor I have is not the original motor. It is most likely between a 1994 and 1996 motor. The motor is a 3.0L.

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most of the time engine loosing power accompanied by tapping sound is caused by engine overheating and or very low engine oil that might cause your engine to seize. complete failure of you crankshaft possition sensor will cause your engine to stall suddenly and won't affect your battery's cranking ability.If that was your observation, i don't think it is related to crankshaft possition sensor.
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I'm guessing a bent rod.....
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That's exactly what my friends car did. We were driving home from out of town, and it started tapping, and losing power, then the idiot, erm oil light came on, and right after the light came on it died. My bet is that the oil pump went south, or it was exetremely low on oil. Just my .02
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Or it overheated and started pinging and locked up.

It be nice if craig comes back and says what he knows about both the coolant and the oil.

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