2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT wont start. New fuel pump and fuel filter


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2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT wont start. New fuel pump and fuel filter

So about a week ago my engine stopped working on my 01 Grand Am GT on my way to school so I idled to the side pulled over and called my dad. Once my dad got there we looked under the hood etc. and couldn''t find anything so we called AAA. They got a tow truck and we took it down to Mason''s (goodyear). Once there they told us that my fuel pump and filter was bad. So they replaced that (for $700) and it was working perfectly cranking up just find and everything. So a week later (almost exactly) I went to go to work only to find out that my car wouldn''t start at all (I can''t even hear the fuel pump kicking in). I read about a security glitch on my car saying that you might sometimes have to reset the computer. Well my battery is dead so I took my dad''s car and let the battery get a 10 minute charge while I waited the alloted time to try and start it up again. Again nothing happened. It cranks it''s just the engine will NOT start not even for a few seconds. Any suggestions at all would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance =D
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If you normally can hear the pump kick in so you're familiar with the sound of it and you had Goodyear (Mason's) install a new pump, which got you going again for a week and now it's dead with no pump running I would call the Goodyear outfit and tell them you're having problems with the pump they installed. That is if all the details are here with us.

A small hitch seems to be you apparently have a dead battery = no electric fuel pump. Have you installed a new battery and that is the concern with resetting the computer - or is there something else going on with the car. I don't believe simply recharging a dead battery would be cause for resetting the computer.

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Try going for the most inexpensive remedy first. a new battery? How old is the battery, is it the original or have you replaced it?
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security light

with a good battery charge turn your to start it and the realese it in the run position and see if your security light is flashing. If it is let it flash for ten minutes( the light will then go out) then turn the key to the off position (don;t take it out) then wait 5 seconds and try to start it, this will re-learn your system. If this works u will need a new pass-lock sensor
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If this isn;t the problem grand am s with 3.4 liters also have no start problems due to ignition switches, 7x crank sensors/wiring
located behind engine ,two wire sensor that goes two your ignition module

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