Warranty issue


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Warranty issue

I drive a 9 yr old Audi A6 Avant (station wagon). It is my 10 Audi in many years. I love the car. Repairs are a bit expensive but buying a high end car like second yields a great car at a fraction of the price.

Everything about the car is quality including the paint. In fact the paint carries a 12 yr, unlimited rust out warranty with no regard to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc owner. On my car, there are rust bubbles on the roof where the there is a channel for rain to drain off. The metal of the roof is joined at this spot. My speculation is the joint was not done properly, allowing it to rust from the inside.

Taking the car to Audi dealers, yields that it is "not a rusted through" and not covered. One dealer rep had the audacity to tell me it was a paint defect which is not covered under warranty. Only the metal rusting through is covered. What am I supposed to do wait a few more years until water starts drippiing on my head?

Has anyone ever dealt with Audi on this specific problem? What is any results?
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Friend had the same kind of coverage on his Volvo...had to go in for Dealer inspections every year. Any minor nicks or paint chips had to be repaired at his expense to maintain warranty.
Just like oil changes and maintenance had to be performed to maintain engine warranty.

You probably have the option of having a Regional company Rep take a look, but I bet the answer will be the same, "It's not rusted through, it's not covered".

If there is NO damage to the paint surface, you may be able to make a deal based on good will. Split the costs of repair with the company or something similar.

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