How to repiar hole in carpet?


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How to repiar hole in carpet?

The carpet (below the floor mat) on my 00 GTP (2 door) has a small hole. Not really sure why. I suspect it is from getting out of the car.

How can I best fix it? I saw some products "as seen on TV". Has anyone used something like this?
An other thought was to find one of this vinyl heel supports ( same as installed underneath the pedals)...

Well, replacing the carprt seems a little bit extreme. I have to say that the cut is only about 2" long and the diamaeter of the whole area is maybe about 5".

I saw things like:

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You say a hole, and then you say a tear. A tear is easy to fix. A hole not as easy as material is missing. A tear - you open up the slit, inject adhesive, draw together, and weight down or hold down/together til dry.

A hole you pretty much need to cut out a piece from some other inconspicous area, like from under the seat, and piece it in. Trouble is, if someone's heel caused the area to wear out and both get cut AND hole AND perhaps general wear in the area, a new piece-in will stick out like a sore thumb.

Then you are better off just letting a mat cover the area.
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I's 8 years old...get some quality heavy duty floormats, put a little adhesive in the cut area, forget about it.
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hole in carpet

Hunt up a carpet installer,he will have a tool like a hole saw,he can cut out the bad spot and cut a patch the same size and glue it in. RW

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