1991 Toyota Pickup, Idle and Power loss.


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Unhappy 1991 Toyota Pickup, Idle and Power loss.

Hey Guys

I need some help here with a '91 Toyota Pick Up. Has the 22R-E engine in it.

The other day I drove the truck for about 2 hours around town and didn't have a bit of trouble with it. Parked it at the house and had a very nice evening with the wife and kids.

Came out the next morning, started the truck and noticed at once that the engine sounded different; like it was weak. I had to go to work and as I took off I observed that the engine was not pulling as strongly as it should. I got it to work and during lunch I put in some STP injector cleaner in the tank. I added fuel as well on the trip back home that evening. The next day being saturday I waited to do anything.

On saturday I changed the plugs. The #1 plug had a whitish buildup on it and was well out of adjustment; as were all the others. The build up, while present on all the plugs was worse on the #1 plug.

I pulled the distibuter(sp) cap and cleaned the button and the pins in the cap. I also replaced the spark plug cables. Replaced the Air filter and just for the heck of it changed the oil as well.

Problem is still there. Once the engine is warmed up good it would not idle properly. I finally ended up changing the timing at the distributer to get it idle. I don't know if I retarded or advanced the timing. I can tell you that I turned the distributer all the way counter-clockwise. It's still not idling right but it does run. Doing this also seems to have helped restore power to the engine.

Oh.. Here is another puzzler. My first thought was that I had a problem with the fuel. So I set out to check the fuel filter. Can't find it. I jacked the PU up on the passenger side so I could get underneath it and have physically put my hand on every inch of the fuel line from the tank to the Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve and there is no fuel filter in the line. I have located the fuel evaporator filter and checked it and it's good.

Last thing. Chilton manual says that there is a MIL lamp in the dash display. I would have thought that if there was a problem with the engine it would be lit. It is not.

So as you can see I am puzzled and worried. Don't have a lot of money to spend on parts so have to be fairly sure that what I buy is going to solve the problem. I would be greatfull for any help that you can offer.

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Here is the filter location according to Autozone;


First I think I would check the timing and the fuel pressure on the rail. The filter may be plugged but it shouldn't come on with a problem like poor idle suddenly.

Other possibilities are, O2 sensor, Egr valve stuck open, ignition coil or pickup coil in the distributor. Or if your timing chain tensioner has given out and the timing chain skipped a tooth. I would get the timing checked for the latter.
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if you had to move the distributor to get it to idle properly then timeing is a problem, do you have a timeing light?, check the ignition timeing, then if it is off you will need to check what happened did the timeing chain get loose, has a spark knock sensor gone bad? i would also try to get any codes checked to see if it has set any trouble codes.

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