Battery, crazy stuff


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Battery, crazy stuff

Please help ASAP got to go to work tomorrow
I have ford tourus 97
Strange thing happened
As I drive I see battery light went on the dash board few minutes later ABS lights slowly electronic clock started to dim and turned off, blinkers would not work, power windows would not work ,BUT THE car is on and I am driving..
I got home turned off the car. IT WOULD NOT START AGAIN. I tried to jump start it, o the jump starting cable there are lights red yellow and green (green –fully charged) it would stay yellow and never on green. When I turn the key, it would not go past first turn/circle/.
Please help. Do you think that I need a new battery?

and forgot to say that a day before air conditioner/ heater would blow only cool air not hot , i don't know if this is related

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It sounds like your alternator is out. Make sure all the battery connections are in good shape and clean.
When you try to jump start it, let the battery charge for a few minutes, then it should start. But will go dead pretty fast.

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It dont sound good
For it to go down hill that fast I would suspect a live short somewhere.
If the battery were gone it would run off the alternator
It the alternator were gone it would run offthe battery for an hour or so.
That sounds like a big time power draw to drag the whole system down like that
Could be that battery and a live short inside/
Can you get a loan of a battery to try?
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almost a grantee with those symptoms that the alternator is shot. pull and take to a parts house for testing. also how old is the battery, you might need a battery also if over 30months.

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I remember this one time my dad and I were driving down US1 in Miami. The battery light came on, and about 10 minutes later the car died. We had to call someone to get the car fixed. Found out the alternator litterally disintergrated inside the casing. So it's possible the alternator ate itself. Just my .02.
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thaks to all

thanks to all it was alternator
i took it off broght it to pep boys they tested for me and it failed
i bought a new one installed it everything workes including a air conditioner. pain in the neck was to put back the belt but everything was ok at the end
thanks again to all
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glad you got it fixed, and ty for letting us know what was wrong.

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