Dodge ram transmisison


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Dodge ram transmisison

is a 2003 5.7 hemi transmission comaptible with a 2002 5.9 DODGE 1500 PICKUP?
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Don't know...but most salvage yards could tell you IF you give them what kind of transmissions you are talking about.

Manual vs Auto, etc etc. Might need numbers as well.
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No they are not, 5.7 is electronic control, 5.9 is hydraulic, I don't think they can even bolted on the blocks.
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Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Transmission 2003 5.7 vs. 2002 5.9

No they are not compatible. The lines are on opposite sides to where they hook up. The Auto Salvage yard we got it from said yes it does. Hopefully they will refund our $500.00?!
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I'm pretty sure a '02 5.9 uses the 46RE (essentially a torqueflite + overdrive). You should be able to get one from a 5.9L Dakota, a 5.9L Durango, or another 5.9L RAM (possibly others).

You could go for an older 46RH transmission but that has a hydraulic governor. You may anger the powertrain control module if it doesn't sense a governor pressure transducer and a governor pressure solenoid (which the 46RE has).

Don't go for a Jeep transmission. It should bolt up, but the starter is on the wrong side I believe.

What's wrong with your transmission? Often, it is easier and cheaper to fix your existing transmission than it is to deal with a wildcard junkyard transmission. Stock late model torqueflites aren't very strong but they can be made to be VERY strong with a few upgrades.

- Joe

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