Window Wind noise


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Window Wind noise

Have a 2004 Sebring convertible. Getting wind noise on top of passenger side window at highway speeds. Weather stripping all looks okay. Any ideas or experiences? Would a lubricant help? If so, what type of lubricant?

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Likely, the weatherstrip is just fine. As you drive, the air pressure inside the car becomes considerably higher. The air leaks as the glass is pulled inwards, away from the weatherstripping.

First, you can test the precise location of the leak by putting some dish soap along the glass edge and as you drive, it will create bubbles as the wind pushes through.

Get a blow-out clip to help prevent the glass from pulling away from your weatherstripping. The clip will be located near the top of the a-pillar. If your glass is properly alligned to the weatherstripping and you still get air leakage, bend the outward edge of the blow-out clip toward the glass and you should be good.
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blow out clip

thanks for the reply and the information...would my car dealer have the "blow out clip"?

thanks again
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Occasional application of silicone, either spray, liquid or paste, to a rubber weatherstrip will extend the life of the weatherstrip and help it to stay soft to conform to the item it is trying to seal. This is what I recommend you try now and then every 6 months or so. Before you go trying to re-engineer the car, try to find the exact area that is leaking and then determine why that area is leaking. Could be a door that is sagging due to latch or hinge issues, window alignment or a weatherstrip that is too hard and won't seal anymore. Obviously there are other reasons for a wind noise, can't cover them all.

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