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Exclamation ABS light

I have a 98 chevy malibu, my abs light keeps coming on, My front wheel sensors are new, a mechanic said to try and bleed them,so I bled the front, that worked, until I drove the car again, so I bled all four this time, no light, I drove the car for ten minutes everything is fine, I shut the car off and restart it, the light is back. Any ideas?
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Since the light comes on immediately I would check the fluid level again to make sure it's full. I had an intermittent light on my Tacoma and found that the temperture and the way I parked it caused the sensor to come on due to the fluid level. That cleared it.
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Your ABS light comes on only because there is a fault with the antilock brake system. Find another mechanic and have him scan the EBCM for DTC's. Once you find out what DTC you have, diagnosis can begin.
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There is a pretty good chance if your sensors are new the problem is with the front wheel speed sensor wire harnesses. Gm has such a problem with this that we stock this harnesses in our parts department. I agree you should get a dtc from the ebcm. But if u come up with a front wheel speed sensor open code or a frequency error/ first check the ohms -resistence of the sensors them selfs. they should be 800-1200 ohms,next with the dvom (electric multimeter) still hooked up switch it to a/c voltage and spin the tire with the wheel off the ground you should generate more than 100 milli-volts. If all ok and connections are good replace the harness for what ever side is causing the problem.
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get a scan for codes and go from there

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