91 chev truck 1500 5.7 172k miles


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91 chev truck 1500 5.7 172k miles

Replaced master cyl. Had to disconnect Rear wheel anti/brk control. Where the brake line enters the isolation/dump valve, on the AB control,,the threads are worn and wont accept the male fitting. This looks like big bucks so far. Would i be able to come up with some fittings and by pass all that spaghetti and go directly from the master cylinder to the brakes lines to the wheels? My truck runs perfect and i just spend 300 on the front wheels. Thank you so very much for your consideration sir.
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not a good idea at all you will end up with too much rear braking causing the rear wheels to lock up
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what you have here is a rwal system [rear wheel antilock] brakes its not true abs its really a primative abs system simpley cut the brake lines before and after the abs valve and splice in a new section of line use compression fittings any auto parts store will have them this will return the brake system to a conventional braking system hope this helps
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Rear wheel brakes

Just to confirm what Shark said, rear wheel abs was created to correct the problem of the rear wheels locking up causing wrecks especially in the winter. I would not eliminate them. RW
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NEVER EVER EVER use compression fittings on a brake line,and i would not put lines directly from the master to the wheels, there should be a combination valve or metering valve in the system somewhere. My suggestion is to fix it properly with tha rwals.

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