Driver door lock not responding to keyless entry


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Driver door lock not responding to keyless entry

I have a 2003 Honda CRV EX with keyless remote. Recently it started responding to the remote intermittently and now constantly. All 3 other locks and rear window respond to the remote well but the driver door lock completely ignores it. It can only be locked and unlocked manually.
This lock also does not respond to the "lock all locks" switch on the inner side of main door. My guess is that it somehow got disconnected from the electronic lock trigger mechanism.
I checked all fuses and they are fine. Car battery in new and working well.
Has anyone had a similar problem?
Do I need to take the driver door apart to re-connect a loose wire?
Is there a central switchbox for the remote control that is hiding elsewhere in the car and needs to be replaced?
Any help will be appreciated.
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If the lock doesn't work with the switch either. the keyless is not the problem. Your problem is in the wiring or the lock actuator . Take the door panel off and using a test light hook it up between the two wires that are connected to the lock actuator. now hit the lock button and see if the test light lights up. if it does the actuator is bad if it doesn't you have wiring or lock system problem

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