92 olds 3.8 metric bolts? on crank pully?


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Talking 92 olds 3.8 metric bolts? on crank pully?

Time to replace a harmonic balancer a dealership told me the puller uses 10 mm bolts but they are way too big maybe he meant 10 mm socket which might be 6m bolt.
Also is crankshaft pully 15/16 or is it metric socket feels a little loose on it.
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Speaking from the viewpoint of retail hardware after litterally decades of interacting with both DIY auto repairing and mechanics from both independent shops and dealerships....you will find a mixture in any "domestic" vehicle manufactured in the last 25 years.Because in many cases parts are imported then assembly takes place within the US and in other cases assembly takes place in Canada or Mexico of domestic parts.,expect anything be ready for both SAE and metric.

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