Bleeding clutch hydraulic line without bleeder screw?

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Bleeding clutch hydraulic line without bleeder screw?

(Car:1993 Nissan 240SX)

After completing repair work that required that I open the clutch hydraulic line, while attempting to bleed it, the bleeder screw broke off. In turn, so did the screw exractor I was using to try to remove the bleeder screw.

Thinking I could gravity bleed it, I disconnected the rubber hose from the slave cylinder, removed the slave cylinder and let it flow. It was pouring right through so I reattached the rubber hose to the slave cylinder (while still flowing) then remounted the slave. There was a difference yet it's not a very firm pedal.

Is there another way to remove the bleeder screw with screw exractor inside it from the slave cylinder?

Using the 2 person pump and hold method, shouldn't it be possible for me to loosen and tighten the rubber hose connection to the slave as though it were a bleeder?

If not, what about disconnecting the slave again and doing the pump and hold with the rubber hose in a bottle of brake fluid?

Is there some other, better way to bleed this without using bleeder screws?

(Should I just blow another 20 bucks on a nice new slave cylinder with a nice new bleeder screw and be done with it even though I plan to sell this car asap?)

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I think I would spend the money and change the slave. The extractor may have damaged the seat of the old bleeder and cause problems.

You can bleed cylinders with the bleeder off, however if you can position the hose/line connection at a point higher than the rest of the cylinder. Then "cracking" the connection will allow the air to escape and the cylinder to fill with fluid.

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