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Angry Mazda3 Tire Wear

I cant begin to express my frustration.

I bought a Mazda3 (2006) for my wife and drove it off the lot with 2 miles on it! I routinely brought the car for the "Mazda" maintenance of 15k miles and for any issues.

I had the tires rotated at 4,000 miles, 14,000 miles, and 17,000 miles. Vehicle is at about 27k miles right now.

About 9 months ago I expressed to Mazda a bumping noise that increased/decreased with tire rotation in front-passenger wheel, and despite hearing it, they said it was fine. Alignment was done by mazda, and nothing changed. Even told my wife it was her "imagination". You can imagine that went well.

The noise only continued to get louder, and just recently I had two new tires put on my car by a local tire shop, a Chrysler Cirrus, and for the heck of it, I had them lift her car (Mazda3) to get another opinion. They proceeded to show me that all four tires needed to be replaced as the inner side of all four tires are worn out (cupped?). They of course recommended a camber kit to fix this as it was a negative camber.

Irritated, I didnt have anything done as I see this as a Mazda problem. Why is a car, which my wife drives like a turtle, and only lives 2 miles from work (even passing through a school zone), wearing like this and so quickly? If it is negative camber and tilted inward at the top... that to me seems like Mazda needs to fix this.. I shouldnt have to shell out hundreds of dollars to correct the angle/camber? .. whatever it is...

Opinions... advice... greatly appreciated.
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The little Mazda 3, although it's looked at by some as an ECONOMY really built as a "sports" car. The tire size is lower profile and for a time they were real hard to get.
Just for the reason you describe.
There are several speed ratings for tires that can fit that car and if I were you I'd seek out the tire that has a "slower" speed rating as the rubber compound will be a bit harder and thusly last longer
As for tire cupping........Out of balance, compounded by soft struts will allow the tire to hop and cause this.
Negative camber (excessive) will cause the tire to wear on the inner half ..........fairly evenly
Most of these cars are DESIGNED to run with neg camber.....The question is, how much and is it within "manufacturers specs"
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just my two cents worth...wrench 47 is very correct about the
design and unfortunatly for you the proper spec is in a tire wearing angle,any vehicle that has a spec of less than 1/4 inch negative camber will wear mentioned that you had tires rotated but not balanced and at what frequency did you have the alignment checked?
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When tires were rotated, they were balanced.
Alignment check was done at the recomended 15k mile mazda service. The rating shows three levels red/yellow/green. They marked it as yellow which is 20-50% of tread remaining, of which they told us the tires were ok.. .so closer to 50%. Wear is fine, but I was never informed that the inner part of all four tires were wearing out... if I knew that, i would have had it fixed. I am not a car expert, so naturally I would think if they see the tires worn like that, I would have been informed. But nothing!

From what I saw, there should have been a mention of such wear... all four are bald on the inside 1-2" of tread... that isnt normal to the average customer and it just makes sense that I should be informed as such.

Even if I didnt rotate them much, I have never seen tires go less than half way through their expected life.

If I sound way off.. let me know... but I dont know what else I could have done. I rely on the so called dealership "experts".
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Thumbs up Mazda 3 tire wear

I own a 2007 Mazda3 s hatchback. I had to replace the tires at 29,000 miles because one was splitting and the others were loud and terrible on wet pavement. The RSA's that came on it are the worst tires that I have ever had. I complained to Goodyear online and was able to get the split one replaced and a percentage taken off of the other three. I went with the Dunlop SP Sport Signature tires that Goodyear sells and they have been excellent. Just so you know the RSA's that the Law Enforcement uses are a totally different tire then the OEM that comes on the new cars. Its a different composition hence the name RSA plus. Hope this helps. You should still rotate them every 5000 miles because of the negative camber.

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My 2007 Mazda 3 (GT) also wore out the Goodyear RSA's at 18K miles. Tires were rotated at every oil change and kept properly inflated. I had a nail in a tire and took it to Goodyear, they showed me that the inner edges were nearly bald and wanted to sell me a new set of the same tires for $1200. I asked the guy why I would be so foolish to spend that much on a set of the same tires that wore out after only 18K of normal driving. I bought a set of Kumho's for $550 out the door, they ride and handle better than the Goodyears plus have a 30K treadwear warranty. After talking to my Mazda dealer and seeing other opinions online it appears this car is infamous for wearing out tires quickly.
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Mazda 3 Rear Tire wear

Also a victim of the Mazda 3 rear tire monster. 25K miles and we have ground off 2 sets of rear tires! This is a 2.3 with 205-50-R17. Goodyear adjusted the first set and we upgraded to a better Goodyear tire. The second set did no better.

Dealer advises this is typical and is due to the negative camber designed into the vehilcle to improve handling....Mazda engineers apparently forgot that long tire life is also a customer requirement. They recommend rotating tires with eveyr oil change (additional expense)...but one will still wear tires out fast than on other vehicles!!

There are aftermarket lower control arms available that can be adjusted to reduce camber....but no info that I could find on how much this would improve tire wear.

Problem solved as the Mazda 3 will be changed into a Subaru this coming weekend! My campaign to broadcast the experience has started! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! I'LL NEVER BUY ANOTHER MAAAZDA!
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My son's Mazda 3 GT did no better with the Goodyear RSA's. His lasted around 20K miles. I remember 35 years ago driving on $25 nylon based tires that did better than that. I suggested he put on Dunlop Signitures (sold by Goodyear btw). They have much deeper tread depth for one thing, use a harder rubber compound, and are very common in Europe on some of the premium handling cars. So far he has about 25K miles on the Dunlops and they look like they will go at least another 10-12k miles. Maybe not great, but alot better than 20K from the soft rubber OEM supplied Goodyears.
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Exclamation Mazda 3 Tires

The original tires of my 2007 Mazda 3 wore out at 33k miles. Sounded about right, but the inner sides of the tires were worn and I should have had my tires replaced at 28k miles.

Now I'm hearing, feeling and seeing that I have a VIBRATION on my second set of tires that already have 35k miles on them(max of 80K) This problem has been going on very a long time. LONG TIME! I've had my tires rotated 3 times in one week before. Thought maybe it was the balance and had my car aligned. No difference. Now I find myself driving with the tires that sound better in the front. Because if I do another rotation the problem will be worse.

What do you think? Bad tires, bad car design?
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Sounds like it could be that one or more of the tires has gone bad assuming they are properly and evenly inflated. I would do something soon before you end up having to replace suspension and steering parts that could prematurely wear out from the constant vibration if they haven't already done that. In my experience driving in places like Texas with the very high temperatures in summer, and with the variety of road surfaces both concrete and asphalt some kind of belt separation could have occured, especially if you are using low profile tires that have minimal sidewalls to help desperse the potential high heat build up in summer months. High summer heat can take it's toll on both tires and batteries for that matter. I once lived in an even warmer place in Asia, where tires become impossible to maintain a good balance for much longer than a year due to the 12 months of high daily temperatures. I am sure the decision to set the negative camber on the Mazda was a marketing/driving trade off between handling and tire wear. Handling won. The same story is true with some of the new SUV's on the road with 20" rims rolling on 2" of rubber. Style over tire wear. It seems that as fast as they have improved tires they have developed new ways to shorten their life span, and increase their cost.
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I have a 2005 Mazda 3 and the rear tires have been wearing faster over the past 2 years. The car has approx. 147k miles on it and the issue really didn't start until the winter of 08-09. I put a full set of tires on in June of 09 and the rears were completely bald/showing steel by January 10.
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It takes a bit of reading but GM replaced all 4 tires on my Van, repaired the rear axle and did a 4 wheel alignment for FREE.
It wasn't easy but I held them accountable. I'm Papa Bear at BITOG.
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Two posts removed that were mostly here to bash companies/products and this thread is closed.
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