99 Taurus 3.0L vin S coolant lite?


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99 Taurus 3.0L vin S coolant lite?

I got a car that after you drive it for about 4 miles the lite comes on saying low coolant.The car runs about 192 degrees when it gets its hottest.It sounds like the waterpump rattles if you keep driving the car,Where is the switch for this low coolant lite installed,and do you think this might be a air getting into the coolant passages because of a bad pump?
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The sensor is in the bottom of the overflow jug and is a common fail item. Have you CHECKED the coolant level????
These vehicles came with Dex-Cool and if they ran low a muddy residue would be left in the bottom of the res. (and elsewhere) Sometimes a light tap on the res would free it up????

If the engine is "pinging" when hot You're probably overheating
IF the system is not leaking IF the thermostat is good IF the COOLING FANS are working IF the water pump is pumping IF the radiator isn't restricted
I'd look at a restricted or inop EGR valve
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the 99 taurus did not come with dex-cool it just had such bad circulation that the green coolant would turn brown in no time at all and yes the coolant de-gas bottles have a tendancy to crack and leak coolant and that is where the sensor is located,try topping it off to the fill line with a 50/50 mix of regular coolant and see how things go .
good luck

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