1989 Chrysler New Yorker - Few bugs

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1989 Chrysler New Yorker - Few bugs

Hey everyone!

We just purchased a 1989 Chrysler New Yorker. Beautiful mint interior, basicaly no rust outside and underneath - a nice car all around.

However, we do have a few electronic bugs, if anyone can offer some advice.

Firstly, one window's electronic roll-down does not work. Can I just take the door apart and replace or fix the little motor/switch? (Some other windows are a little slow to roll down/locks are slow to open and close. Can I grease them with WD-40 or something?)

The trunk pop button inside the glove box does not work. Where can I check to fix this?

The trip, trip reset, and us/metric switches on the electronic digital dashboard are not working at the amount. Is there a special way to operate them, or do they need fixin'?

Lastly and least important, the command start that came with the vehicle only start and stops the engine. We were told this when we got it. It also has a red flashing light on the inside antenna and we believe it to be the "system 2" 2-in-1. It is made by ProStart. Has to be either the aforementione system 2, or the CT-3300. System 2 is found under the security systems button on this website - ProStart | ProGuard - Total Vehicle Convenience at your Fingertips.
We're just wondering if there is a way to hook up our command start system to open the trunk and lock/unlock our power doors and windows.

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ok i think i can help with part of your issues...the window?....well it is going to be 2009....think how many times that door opened and closed....your bending that wire like a coat hanger till it breaks...so pull the boot back in the door jamb and look for broken wires....as far as the trunk...not related........that sounds like a bad motor....don't rule out bad wires but still not connected.....as far as the dash...well they crap out...can't help you there.....just to the point...check the wires in the door jamb for the window

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