2001 Honda CRV Brake Noise


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Cool 2001 Honda CRV Brake Noise

I have a 2001 CRV that I have replace the rotors, pads twice and calipers and still when I am stopping half the time, the car makes a grinding / screeching noise. When this happens, the brake pedal feels a little softer than normal. Someone mentioned that the booster might be going bad. Any ideas?
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What type of pads did you put on it? On my honda I use Honda dealer pads, some have had luck with Akebono pads. I have found aftermarket rotors in combonation with aftermarket pads almost garauntee brake noise on a honda. A bad booster wouldn't cause the noise.

Maybe you still have some air in the brake lines, it wouldn't cause the noise but could cause the soft pedal. I would go back and check your work and make sure everything is ok, and if it is just brake squeak and not actual grinding I would say its your pads.
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thanks. the combination of aftermarket pads and rotors is what i have on the car. someone told me today that i should look at ceramic pads. are they worth the extra money?

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