No Start?


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No Start?

Just got '91 Toyota Pickup Deluxe back from shop two weeks ago.
4cyl 75k miles, 4X4. New fuel pump & alternator, from ase shop. New spark plug wires, replaced with heavy duty, about 4 months ago. Did not start one morning, no noise nothing. Replaced starter relay, still no start, no clicking no noise?? Battery is 6 mo old, lights work fine, should be getting juice. Tommorrow I'll pull starter & get it tested at parts house.

Any thoughts on what's next, after test? I'm guessing if bad solenoid, should click or something?

Thanks for any ideas or input.......:WH:
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If its a standard may be the clutch safty switch.
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automatic transmission, (should have mentioned that earlier)
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Didn't see new fuel pump mentioned By the way if we all voted Libertarian, Welfare (corporate and social ) would have been abolished and replaced with private charity

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First check all the cable connections leading to the starter. Then battery, then solenoid, then starter, then ignition switch. That list in that order usually catches starter circuit problems. The frequency of occurrence goes down as you move down the list.
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No start problem

1) if you already have the starter out, then take it to 2 different places to be tested and test it about 20 times. You don't want a flat spot in the starter to not show up on the testing. --I have had a less-than properly trained tech @ a well known parts store tell me I had a bad starter! He did not know how to hook it up properly in order to test it!

2) start with the simple things--test your leads to the starter as see if you get full battery voltage there at the ends that connect to the starter. You may need a bud to turn the key on while you test--of course the vehicle won't start b/c starter is out(safety first!).
Also, clean/sand/dremmel EVERY metal connection you can get your hands on! The battery terminals, the battery cables at every spot you can reach, and any slide/snap connectors in the starter circut line!
My 95 Altima has two snap-in cable connectors at the + side of the batt. to split the wire(bad design). I unsnapped them and they were filthy inside! How any current was passed I have no idea. Stuff will get gunked up and you may never see it until they hamper your starting.

3) Then go on to check continuity inside the ignition switch @ the steering column--Haynes will show you how. But beware, they mis-numbered my pins on the ig. switch and that made the continuity check dicey.

Hope this helped, but you probably got it fixed by the time I finished with this novel.
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Exclamation no start

Check easy stuff first. Must have been running and starting after out of shop. When the key is turned, it sents 12 volts to the start sol. to pick up electromagnet to connect large batt. wire to starter. If no voltage from switch, the sol. will not pick up and turn starter. Turn switch to start(get a bud) and check voltage at starter hot wire. If no voltage, try jumper wire from batt. to this term. and see if it will turn over/start. If so, lost voltage from switch to starter. Could be switch, wire, etc..

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