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A while back I had a problem with vibration in the front end of my car while braking at a high speed. My problem was diagnosed on this board as a problem with my brake rotors. I had a break job done and it solved the problem. Since the brakes were done, I hear a sound (eeeek, eeek, eeeek) when the car is moving. If I apply the brakes, it stops. I had a car that gave you a warning to let you know that the brakes need to be checked that made this same sound and stopped when the brakes were applied but after I had the brake job, the noise stopped. Do you think it is odd that I did not hear this sound before the brake job but rather after it? I'm not too worried because I know the brakes were just serviced. Should I be concerned? I appreciate your help.

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Brake pads remain in very light contact with the rotors when you are not pressing on the brake pedal. If there is a small high spot on the pad or a bit of grit, it will make the little 'eeek, eeek' noise you describe. When you press on the brake pedal, the full pad contacts the rotor and the noise stops. Its nothing to worry about and will likely go away as the pads bed in.
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Thank you for the information. I'm glad to know that I don't have to return the car for further work. I don't know too much about the mechanics of a car but I'm learning through this forum. Kathy
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Didn't say what kind of car, but not a lot of difference. Different cars use different methods, but there is a way to secure the pads so they don't "flop around" in the caliper. Some use spring clips, some use a sealant/glue(anit rattle paste). The pads should be stationary when installed. Sounds like an anti-rattle clip is loose, missing broken. All that will happen, is that the pads may wear on one end more than the other and the noise will drive you "nuts"! I think I would have the brake shop look at it and see if they can install a new clip/spring or whatever it takes.
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I agree with Mike at least let them know there is a concern that way if something comes up they cant say you ignored it.I dont think you have anything that is dangerous just aggrivating. RW

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