Check Engine Light

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Check Engine Light

Hi, I own a 2001 Chry T&C 139kmiles 3.3 ltr engine. The check engine light has just come on. It seems to running fine and starts normaly. Is this someting to be worried about or is it as simple as an oxy sensor or something like that, that needs to be replaced? Is this a comon thing that happens around this mileage?
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There's no average mileage for getting a failure related to the check engine light. Could be something as simple as a worn or faulty gas cap or more serious like an O2 sensor. Best to get it checked as soon as possible. AutoZone, for one, will read the codes for free. Good idea to take that info to a regular mechanic, or post here, to get it interpreted before buying parts.
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tow guy is right you need to find out why the light is on....first off the light can come on for well todays cars could be over a hundred reasons..butttt....and this is for everyone.....driving the car is fine and you hurt nothing...unlessssss....the light is that point do NOT drive it most cases a steady light is something like a sensor......flashing?.....big issues
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the light only flashes if catylatic converter damage is present, by a bad miss most likely . But just cause the light isn.t flashing doesn;t mean it's ok to drive, u may still have miss causing damage ect, or it could be a lean code caused by a failing fuel pump that could u leave you stranded. my advice would be to at least get a code to see if its ok to drive.
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I had a Neon once and the check engine light was on for a long time. It was the ERG /EGR valve. I replaced it and that took care of the light. I did not notice any change in performance. But have the light checked! Soon! And then decide what to do before you may be forced to something.
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my 2 cents

There are a couple of drawbacks with just living with a check engine light on even if car shows no drivability problems.
First is the light is there to show a problem if a real serious problem were to come up you would not know it and serious engine damage may result because the light is always on already.
Second in some states TX being one you will not pass the state inspection with it on.

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