96 elantra Starting issue

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96 elantra Starting issue

son has a 96 elantra The other night he went to store turned car off when he came out tried starting and got nothing.Lights worked along with radio heater fan ect but not starter not even a click.It sat over night in the morning it started drove, it home and turned it off then tried it, again nothing ,that night it started again.I turned it off and started it 4 times on the fourth try it quit again.Tried it next day nothing cleaned battery terminals nothing,took off air cleaner box to get at started and decided to try it and it started tried a couple more times then nothing Have ruled out ignition switch because it was starting with remote start Any ideas?
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I had a similar prob. with my Altima.

I would take the battery out and find all possible electrical connections between the battery and the starter and take them apart and clean them.
I mean ALL, positive and negative. If you have a repair book, check the schematics for the starter circut. If you can also check to see if you are getting full voltage to the starter when the battery is in. My car has voltage at the starter at all times and it is up to the starter to go when the key is turned. My prob. was a set of very dirty snap connectors that split the positive battery cable. Started sometimes, and not at others--frustrating.

Good luck.

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