unleaded regular


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unleaded regular

My sis just bought a used 2001 Taurus and she doesn't want to use the high-octane gas. She got it from my other sis who said that when she put in the cheap stuff the engine knocked going uphill.

What other problems could be associated with not using Ford's recomendation?


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check to see if it is equiped with a knock sensor, if so it might be bad. also try running some BG 44K through the fuel system that might help the spark knocking

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Since when does Ford recommend high octane fuel for a Taurus? We bought my son a 2001 Taurus and it runs just fine on Regular --- now the brakes on it suck but otherwise its a pretty good car.
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unleaded regular

The best fuel to use in the type that the engine was designed and programed to use.

Modern systems can adjust to predictable differences in fuels and conditions.

If it knocks or pings, there is a problem and unfortunately, it is usually not a DIY fix unless you have diagnosis tools and ability to determine what to replace.

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I'd try running a couple of bottles [back to back-2 tanks] of injection cleaner thru the system and see how that does. It probably has the 3.0 engine which should run fine on regular octane.
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It may not be relative but I will tell my story anyway.
I have a 01 Mitsubishi Galant with a V6. It states clearly on the gas tank door PREMIUM fuel. A lot of people told me I was silly for using premium when regular would run just fine. Around here premium is 20 cents a gallon cheaper, so I thought that is quite a savings. Now I figure my miles per gallon at every fillup. The car was getting 24 mpg on premium. I used regular for 4 weeks or 5 fillups. The milage dropped to 17 or 18 mpg. The car seemed to run the same on both fuels but I had to naturally fill up sooner on the regular. It took 2 tankfulls of premium before the mileage returned to 24 mpg.
The 20 cent per gallon price is a great deal compared to the lower mpg which ended up actually costing me more per fillup as I needed more gallons to fill the tank.
If anyone wants the actual week to week data I can get it from the car, as any car does, my mileage varies 1 or 2 mpg depending on weather and traffic conditions. But on the average it got 17 or 18 on regular and 23 or 24 on premium.
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I have to agree that premium in a Taurus sounds odd.That said you use what it recommends.Read the wording closely because recommends and requires are two different words with very different meanings fuel wise.The story in the following post can be true.It might work but you get less mileage.Also try midgrade if it's available where you get gas.That's usually something like 89-90 octane.Might do the job but save a little money.

Still I'd take that Taurus in if it knocks on regular and make sure nothing is wrong there.

Note:If this is a Taurus SHO then premium may really be the right and required fuel.
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Thanks for all of the info.

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This is a known problem with the Taurus/Sable. They do not have a knock sensor. The older models had a knock sensor, but FordMoCo decided to do away with it to save money.

The computer can be reflashed for (I think) $80. I had my mother's 91 Sable computer reflashed under warranty. It still knocked shortly afterward. Maybe their reflash is updated (wishful thinking). I believe the only practical solution is to use midgrade gasoline.
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try changing the brand of fuel,for some reasons some fords do not like exxon/mobil,
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Thanks again...I sent the posts to my sis.

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